Lymphatic Therapy Treatment 

This facial workout is all about strengthening your skin.It is designed to work with your circulatory system which is often overlooked but yet a vital component for optimal skin health.  This egg-y skin mask sets super tight on the skin, while enjoying a guaranteed 45 minute  nap. The pressure increases blood flow which creates a pulsating effect throughout your vascular network increasing circulation and removing waste through our lymphatics. Great for all skin types and vital for detoxifying acne skin..

Level 1 : Cleanse, Exfoliation , Lymphatic Therapy. 75 min $140

Level 2 : Cleanse, Brightening Peel , Lymphatic Therapy. 90 min $ 170

Level 3 : Cleanse, Micro/ Dermaplaning , Peel and Lymphatic Therapy. 100 min $220

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