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Cryopen is a powerful and precise treatment to permanently remove benign skin lesions with no pain.

Flawless skin in a matter of seconds

 permanent removal of:

  • Freckles or dark, hyper pigmented lesions
  • Age/liver spots
  • Seborrhoeic Warts
  • Milia
  • Warts – hands & feet
  • Cherry angioma (red blisters)
  • Verrucas
  • Skin tags

We can safely and effectively remove skin tags, cherry angiomas, age/sunspots and pigmented lesions with no collateral damage to healthy tissue.

**Some downtime is experienced with this procedure

+Drs skin check is recommended for any pigmented spots prior to treatment.

Skin tag & lesion removal 1-3 lesions | $89

Skin tag & lesion removal 6-9 lesions | $109

Skin tag & Lesion removal whole canister / $129

Immediately After Treatment

Post treatment and during the skin healing process, it is normal to experience
the following –
• Tingling and itching
• Mild warmth, redness and swelling around the treated area
• Treatment area may appear darker in colour, become slightly raised and flaky
• Mild crusting/scabbing
• Blistering

Symptoms may last for 7 –14 days and potentially up to 4 weeks.

Duration will depend on the area being treated, the intensity of treatment and will vary from one person to another.

Lesions on the body and skin that is less hydrated generally have a longer healing time.

Following your recommended post care protocol will ensure successful results and speedy recovery

Post Care Instructions

To be applied daily for at least 5-14 days post treatment or until the skin has fully recovered.
• Clinical water based soothing and repairing gel, such as MediSoothe minimum morning and night or applied as needed.
• SPF 30+ to the treated area
• We recommend a follow up review with your CryoPen practitioner 2 weeks post treatment.


Strictly AVOID the below in the treated area for at least 5-14 days or until the skin has fully recovered.
• Picking, Scratching/Itching
• Excessively hot showers, bathing, spas or sauna and heat
• Soaking in water for long periods
• Friction and Exfoliation
• Direct ultraviolet exposure (sun and solariums)
• Further clinical treatments unless advised by your treating therapist
• Resurfacing actives such as AHA’s, BHA’s, Retinol

Your post care protocol may be altered by your practitioner, according to your individual needs and skin conditions. Always phone your CryoPen clinician direct if you have any questions or concerns.