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Pore Refining & Uneven Skin Texture

Enlarged pores In a nut shell..

Pores on your face contains glands that secrete oil. An excess of this oil leads to oily skin that's visible to the naked eye. The age of your skin can also be a factor, as can the size of your hair follicles. But what cause enlarged pores on your face? UV rays can make them look bigger, hormones, age and over-washing your skin.

Dull skin refers to a lack of radiance caused by a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface layer of your skin. This can be due to many factors, cell turnover can become compromised over time if we suffer any dysfunctions within the skin.

Our Go to Treatments:


Dermapen, Hydrafacial, BioRe Peel, Skin Rejuvenation Laser, Under the sea ritual, Lymphatic therapy with LED. Luminousity Ritual.