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Flow State Facial Mask Kits⁣ ⁣

Sale price$125.00

You’ll refer to this mask as your Prin Lymphatic Therapy at home facial. It’s THE mask to do in between your in salon treatments. ⁣

It’s got the physical compression we all know and love that moves that all important circulatory system for proper skin health - skin detoxification via the lymphatic system AND happy skin cells that have been fed all the essentials from the vascular network. HELLO FLOW! ⁣

It’s also a topical bath of Australian Natives - potent Davidson Plum and Finger Lime Caviar. Think high doses, and extracted with quality in mind. Niacinamide and Aloe Vera also super stars. ⁣

Each kit contains up to 5 masks (depending on thickness and coverage area). You’ll also get a handy facial brush and a SUPER CUTE cosmetic case. ⁣
Flow State Facial Mask Kits⁣ ⁣
Flow State Facial Mask Kits⁣ ⁣ Sale price$125.00